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If you employ a nanny, babysitter, or caretaker, save time, frustration and money when navigating the nanny tax. Track time, create paychecks, generate required reports and more.

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Expert Guidance

Step by step advice for employing a household employee and paying them legally.


Developed as an affordable nanny tax solution for on the go parents by on the go parents.


Track time, create paychecks, and generate required reports all from your mobile device. Use it when and where it's most convenient.

Nanny Pay Advisor Feature Overview

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Developed as an affordable solution for on the go parents by on the go parents, Nanny Pay Advisor guides you through the steps needed to pay your nanny or caregiver legally. You'll save a fortune over a full service payroll provider such as HomePay by or HomeWork Solutions.

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Some of the questions we are asked regularly

In short it is a collection of taxes required by law if you meet the criteria. We wrote a blog post to help lay this out. Check out: What is the nanny tax for more details

We're not a full service payroll provider. We instead provide you with guidance and all the tools you'll need to pay your nanny taxes legally - saving you a fortune over full service payroll providers.

Generating a W-2 is straightforward with the right guidance. Check out: How do I create a W-2 for my Nanny for more details

There are many reasons to pay your nanny over the table and we have compiled a list of the top five. Check out: 5 Reasons to pay your nanny over the table for more details

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